Music Country celebrates the cultural diversity of American Roots Music. By creating performance opportunities for roots musicians of all generations, and developing educational programming to keep the influence of historic music makers alive, we bring together artists who give voice to the wide array of musical traditions in this country.

From Athabaskan fiddling to Zydeco music, the rich and varied musical traditions of this country bind people to each other and connect us to our shared history.

Music Country is a place where you can learn about the traditions of your own communities and those of others. You can come to listen, or you can come to share.

Join in!

A live music festival on June 17, 2023 on Governors Island!


Are you a musician looking for support and advice with your projects? Or a music lover looking for concerts, festivals, classes or workshops in American roots music traditions?

Get in touch with us by email or text! We look forward to hearing from you!

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